Online Media Relations

Dissemination and enhancement of

the brand

Actively circulating information from the company to the outside world is critical. What is the aim?

Get organic shares, mentions and quotes from publishers.

How does LinkJuice deal

LinkJuice do?

Linkjuice provides a the first analysis for free!

Creation and/or optimization of the press kit

Direct comparison with the PR contact person in the company in order to generate and/or optimize the press folder.

Strategic definition and selection of publishers

Creation of a strategic document including an editorial plan; Identification and comparison with eligible publishers for content sharing.

Content Generation and Dissemination

Generation of target content with the editorial line provided by the publisher, dissemination of press releases, follow-up to professionals to ensure publication.

Press review

Final press review shared with the company and performance analysis.

Why rely on


Millions of people rely on the Media every day, considering them as authoritative sources from which one can obtain information about the authority of the Brands present in their reference markets.

Journalists carefully select the content to be organically disseminated and it is necessary to provide them with quality content. Organic sharing of the same is only obtained by ensuring the content is in line with the ethics of the professional.

LinkJuice has developed a 100% digital mode that generates engagement by intercepting the right target audience, among millions of readers of the largest national and international newspapers, and pointing it directly to the press release.